Libre Advice

DISN – Blackpool Teaching Hospitals
Q – How many patients have currently been put on Libre?
Q – Do you know how many  Type 1 patients are in your area and what has been the percentage uptake of these patients?
Q – How have you selected your patients? E.g. self-funding patients first?
Q – How many staff involved/hours taken/admin time to do this project?
Q – How are the reviews going? Are the reviews 6 monthly and is a consultant present for them?
Q – Do patients bring their Libre certificate to clinic before being put onto a Libre list?

DISN – Royal Stoke University Hospital
we are following the NICE criteria
we have put about 150 patients on so far
 the self-funders we just sent out the contracts and libreview requests  to sign upto data sharing and most of them were known to us so will be  reviewed within 6 months
 he new to us /libre patients we did in “group stats” 6-8 at a time
we are doing an event next week with 30 !!
 the time is taken with the paperwork
we have to complete an audit form Bluteq request do a GP letter
create electronic care plan for us
log it all on our appointments system so it takes about 45 mins per patient ( 20-30 to show them the system then the rest to log everything
 we have a formal telephone review within 2 months although most pts in essence have already been in touch or we have contacted them
 then there is a physical review at 5 months before the 6 month deadline to ensure they are maintaining  the criteria ( we only started in May so we haven’t done this yet )  

DISN – Royal surrey County Hospital
We have put about 530 people on the libre our Type 1 population in the area is approx 1500  but we have had people referred in from other areas. 
We have developed a structured education course our patients undertake to meet the original RMOC criteria so all folks on a libre have also undertaken structured education. 
We didn’t think it fair to do self funding first as you are setting up a bias against those who couldn’t afford to self fund so we did a bit of a first come first served basis once we put the word out to as many as .
In terms of staffing there has been an incredible amount of additional admin generated by the education and keeping track of who has been offered, arranging  contracts ensuring the ABCD audit and follow up at 6 months. Difficult to put in terms the hours but I did at one point have 18 hours a week dedicated to the education/libre process although part of that was developing the education.
The process is becoming simpler moving forward as we will no longer be giving prescription and a strict 6 month follow up is less of an issue as GP take over prescribing  the follow up will tend to happen within routine clinic appointments.
Reviews are generally well attended and any of the Drs can review and make the decision based on the Libe results and the initial contract aims.
We ask the people attending the structured education to present their online training certificates on the day