HHS Management Labels

HHS Management Labels – DISN Kent & Canterbury Hospital
Q – We are currently looking to develop a HHS management label. I wondered what you are currently using for managing HHS in your Trust? Do you have a sticky label or separate area on the drug chart?

DISN North Devon District Hospital – We use an individual pathway for patients in HHS. 

DISN Maidstone Kent Hospital – We have been using stickers for our drug chart for DKA successfully for a couple of years, and have recently adapted them for both HHS & DKA, but are still pending approval-feel free to consider the attached. They are stuck in the VRIII section of drug chart where “alternative regimes” can be written. The size of the sticker will need to fit the space on the chart-our space isn’t quite right for standard stickers, so they needed to be cut to size. So bare this in mind when designing charts/sticker sizes! DKA& HHS_FRIII_Draft_sticker-=

DISN North Devon District HospitalWe have a protocol which has an insulin prescription included within alongside its own BG monitoring chart.  There is no fluid management prescription included within the protocol.  Fluids have to be prescribed on the normal drug chart but advice re such is included in the protocol.

DISN Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital I am afraid we do not have a separate prescription chart for HHS. We do have prescription charts for insulin prescription, VRIII and DKA ( attached so you can read). It is a rare occurrence for HHS so we use the JBDS guidelines, as patients need fluids replacements  and insulin, which can be given subcut 1.Insulin px Clean 2. VRIII clean