JBDS Pregnancy 20 10 2017

posted 4 Dec 2017, 05:38 by DISN UK

This follows on from the JBDS Pregnancy guideline which has been sent to all UK Trusts.


JBDS is committed to continually improve the care of in patients with diabetes. Neonatal hypoglycaemia continues to affect nearly 30% of the babies born to mothers with diabetes (Feig DS, 2017).  Tight glycaemic control during pregnancy, labour and birth can help reduce this complication. Joint British Diabetes Societies (JBDS) for Inpatient Care has produced guidelines to help maintain glycaemic control during steroid treatment in pregnancy and during labour and birth.


There is one other reason why we are sending this e mail. There was an error in Appendix 2 of the printed guidelines that were circulated earlier. Target CBG for delivery and birth was printed as 4.0 -7.8 rather than 4 - 7. The target CBG remains 4-7.8 when the VRIII is being used to control hyperglycaemia related to steroids (Appendix 1). The error in Appendix 2  has  been corrected on the web versions and the prescription chart attached.


We are attaching prescription charts which will facilitate achieving NICE recommended targets in these situations. Please feel free to download, circulate, share and use in your Trusts.


The delivery proforma also helps collect information which can be utilised as an audit tool. We would be grateful if you would collect data as you go. At the end of the year we will collect and collate all this information to improve our practice in this important area. Contributing centres and colleagues will be acknowledged appropriately.


Umesh Dashora and Mike Sampson