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The DISN UK Group has over 550 members, covering 206 hospitals in England, 12 in Wales, 17 in Scotland and 5 in Northern Ireland.  The Group was set up in February 2004, we meet on an annual basis for presentations of ‘hot’ topics and to discuss issues relevant to DSNs whose main role is the management of diabetes inpatients. We are a non-profit making, nurse-based group.

 Our philosophy

‘It is our aim to provide a forum for DISNs to share ideas, best practice and offer peer support, striving to effect change and influence practice.  As a group it will provide a confidential, non-judgemental environment to discuss issues affecting inpatient care’ 

The Group is recognised by all major societies involved in diabetes inpatient care, including Diabetes UK, JBDS, NHS Institute of Improvement and Innovation, ABCD, RCN, RCP, UKCPA, PCDS, TREND-UK, British Dietetic Association Diabetes Specialist Group.


Chair Esther Walden, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital
Treasurer Debbie Stanisstreet, Lister Hospital
Committee members Anne Claydon, Newham University Hospital

Caroline Brooks, Maidstone Hospital

Erwin Castro, Conquest Hospital