DISN UK Group Conference 2019

DISN UK Group Conference 2019

Moving forward and getting smarter”

Focusing on diabetes technologies and improving working lives ….

Tuesday 15th October 2019, Excel London
The DISN Group conference 2019 was a huge success with thanks to everyone who attended. The conference saw 60 delegates who gave excellent feedback towards the presenters ‘hot topic’ talks.
Many thanks to Norfolk & Norwich Charitable Funds for 15 years of continued support towards the DISN UK group and the generous support of our sponsors Abbott Diabetes and Roche Diabetes Care Limited for contributions towards this year’s technology focused conference. For those who weren’t able to attend, take a look at the presentations below….
Professor Jonathan Valabhji       
Inpatient diabetes specialist nurse funding related to the transformation fund and the subsequent long term plan 
From April 2020 there will be an indicative budget for each STP. However, rather than central NHS England management of STP projects, the projects and funding will be given to CCGs to manage going forward. See the full slide show here http://www.disn-uk.co.uk/the-long-term-plan/

Amy Shlomowitz
Current and new technology in Type 1 Diabetes 
Amy gave a mind blowing talk providing an overview of diabetes technologies for flash monitoring, continuous glucose monitoring, insulin pens/ pumps and DIP looping. There are 45 glucose meters currently available in the UK. See the full slide show here – http://www.disn-uk.co.uk/whats-new-in-diabetes-technology/

Amy Shlomowitz
Inpatient considerations when on insulin pump therapy & scenarios                                         
The was split into groups to workshop 5 inpatient scenarios. See the full slide show here http://www.disn-uk.co.uk/inpatient-considerations-when-on-insulin-pump-therapy

Person with Type 1 Diabetes
Experiences of hospital admissions when on an insulin pump
Very moving talk from type 1 patient who uses an insulin pump. See the full slide show herehttp://www.disn-uk.co.uk/person-living-with-type-1-diabetes/

Professor Alison Leary
The impact of specialist nursing.          
Professor Leary gave an inspirational talk about ensuring nurses understand the complexity of their work and express that to commissioners and managers. See the full slide show here http://www.disn-uk.co.uk/the-impact-of-specialist-nurses-alison-leary-15-10-19/

Sunitha Mathew
SGL2 &DKA admissions.     
Sunitha gave an excellent talk closely following her slide set and Q&A session…….see the full slide set here http://www.disn-uk.co.uk/sglt-2-inhibitors-and-dka/

Other News………….

JBDS Update                                                                                                
AC provides the group with the latest JBDS Update with the latest documents –
·   What a good diabetes service looks like – https://abcd.care/jbds-new-document-good-inpatient-diabetes-service
And future documents to come include –
·        Diabetes at the front door
·        Royal College arts project
 Rowen Hillson Award Winners for 2019                                              
EW announced the winners of the 2019 Rowen Hillson Awards for Best Education Programme https://abcd.care/download-winning-submissions-2019-rowan-hillson-insulin-safety-award
Rowen Hillson Awards 2020
EW invites colleagues to submit entries to this year’s competition which will be for the                         ‘Best Perioperative Pathway for People with Diabetes’ Competitive applications are likely to be those that show hard evidence of benefit, that are translatable to other Trusts, are costed, are relatively simple and sustainable, and which have been commissioned or supported by an Acute Trust. This competition is open to all UK health care professionals. The closing date for entries is 28.02.2020. Download an application form here –https://www.diabetes.org.uk/resources-s3/2019-10/Rowan%20Hilson%20Awards%202019%20%2896KB%29.doc
Rowen Hillson Judge required
A new judge is required for the Rowen Hillson Awards 2020, EW asks the delegates to consider this as an excellent opportunity to put themselves forward! To find out more about becoming a judge contact mailto:christine.jones@nnuh.nhs.uk
Goodluck Debbie  
Debbie Stannistreet will be retiring from the DISN Committee and DISN lead for East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust. Debbie will be joining the community diabetes nursing team 3 days a week. We wish Debbie all the best for the future and a huge thank you for supporting the DISN group for 15 years.
Work Issues
QI – DISN 7 days service – Is there any evidence of efficacy?
3 trusts from the conference are using the 6/7 day service
·  Kings Lynn – Use a 6 day service Sunday-Friday showing reduction in the patient’s length of hospital stay. Also, peace of mind has improved with being able to give inpatients complex weekend advice.
· East & North Herts – Uses 7 day service, a quarter of inpatients are admitted over the weekend so the 7 day service enables patients admitted to be seen by a DISN sooner and admission predictions more accurate to treat accordingly. Again, peace of mind improved without the sinking Monday feeling.
·  St Helens & Knowsley – uses a 7 day service with mon-fri shifts ranging between 8am-8pm and sat-sun 8-4, an on-call telephone advice service shift is also used 8pm-10pm. Band 6 DISNs take turns to take the calls OOH and can contact the consultant via a what’s app group for further advice for the patient. After 10pm the OOH line is diverted to an answerphone. All calls are recorded and transcribed.
Not the entire group agreed that this responsibility and small pay on a pro rata basis was acceptable to expect from a band 6. Patients have seen a reduction in length of stay, reduced medication errors and patient’s satisfaction has increased.
Q2 – Does anyone us a HHS policy?
Most of the group uses JBDS.
EW advises VB to contact Professor Ketan Dhatariya regarding an integrated pathway.
CN has recently taken part in a new NaDIA harms advisory committee and is looking at the best way to collect robust data. CN is happy to feedback committee decisions to the DISN group forum.
Q3 – How do other trusts see patients? Are they referred or do you look for them?
The majority of the group agrees that it’s a bit of both, Norfolk & Norwich produces care plans with copies to the ward, patient and DISN files. A member mentions that Ipswich have a Diabetes pack they use.
 Q4 – Does anyone have experience with autoshield needle?
CMH have had 2 cases of DKA and have seen 8 significant increased length of stays related to patients using the autoshield needles.
A risk register is suggested for the trust to adopt as well as a nurse only policy for using the autoshield needle. Talk to the patient safety committee, CB suggests some nurses still say there are problems using the needles but don’t like to report it as they feel it reflects badly on them.